Lightsail block storage

Scale your storage quickly and easily with highly available SSD-backed storage for your Linux or Windows virtual server.

Protect and scale your application data

Lightsail block storage offers high-availability SSD-backed disks that you can attach to your existing instances. Add attached block storage disks to your Lightsail instance for only $0.10/GB per month. Create disks quickly, attach and detach with a few clicks, back up your data with disk snapshots, and more – all from the intuitive Lightsail console.

Benefits of Lightsail block storage

  • Highly available Lightsail block storage is designed for 99.99% availability and replicates in its Availability Zone automatically to protect you from component failure.
  • Easy to manage Create and attach disks in minutes, view all your disks in a glance, and manage them easily from the intuitive Lightsail console. Or build out your application storage using the powerful Lightsail CLI.
  • Low-latency performance Lightsail block storage provides reliable and low-latency performance for a wide range of web and software workloads.
  • Scalable Scale up or down within minutes with disks of up to 16TB– and attach up to 15 disks per instance.
  • Secure All data in attached disks and disk snapshots is automatically encrypted, keeping your data secure.

Additional block storage pricing

USD per month
0 GB
16 TB